Luxembourg Low Duo Table Set

Luxembourg Low Duo Table Set


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This Luxembourg Low Duo Table Set is a charming garden furniture set that is both stylish and comfortable, and perfect for just two. An enblem of French design, it epitomises the blossoming romances found in the Jardin du Luxembourg, of which the furniture was initially produced for and from which the set takes its name. Now produced in a lovely cactus green colour, the set is made of aluminium, making it lightweight and durable, and has been cleverly designed to ensure practicality and support. Consisting of one low coffee table (that can also be used as a footrest or additional seat) and a duo armchair, this set is a one-of-a kind piece.

An excellent example of French manufacturing, these sets are made out of recycled and recylable metal and have been stringently inspected to guarantee a flawless result. Coated in a UV-proof paint that has been applied in a zero-release facility, every effort has been made with respect for the environment.


Please note that the cushion is not included.


  • Low coffee table: H:40cm, W:42cm, L:43cm
  • Low duo armchair: H:72cm, W:86cm, L:119cm

Material: Aluminium


  • Low coffee table: 3kg
  • Low armchairs: 11kg each


  • Low duo armchair has a stacking capacit of up to 4.
  • UV resistant
  • Practical and lightweight, making them easy to move and store away if necessary, whilst also being extra-sturdy.
  • Finished with silencing pads.
  • Includes clever accessories, such as a headrest, within its design to ensure maximum comfort.