Puzzle Coffee Table in Natural Grey - Large and Small

Puzzle Coffee Table in Natural Grey


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Superbly fashioned from reclaimed teak, these Puzzle Coffee Tables are well built and of impeccable design. Inspired by traditional Kongming lock puzzles, a classic Chinese game, these coffee tables boast a mind-boggling design. The interlocking teakwood planks create a distinctive geometric pattern upon all four sides, making them not just tables but decorative interior furnishings. Richly coloured with natural tones from the teak wood, it helps bring a softness to both your indoor and outdoor settings, as well as a stylish organic accent like no other.

Position in the living room as a chic coffee table, ideal for piles of magazines and tea trays. Teak, being a hardwood, is famously durable, meaning you can also use these gorgeous tables outside as a quaint spot on the terrace for a morning coffee. When exposed to daylight teak becomes even more beautiful as it matures to hold a gracefully weathered look.

Available in two different sizes:

  • Small
  • Large


  • Small: H: 38cm, W: 40cm, D: 40cm 
  • Large: H: 35cm, W: 55cm, D: 55cm 

Materials: Reclaimed Teak 

Finish: Natural Grey 

Care: The furniture should always be lifted when moved rather than dragged and cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust and marks. For any further finishes, teak waxes and finish products are available. This table will lighten with age, taking on a more silvery quality.