Multi Mega Jumbling Tower

Multi Mega Jumbling Tower


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This mega jumbling tower is a vibrant take on traditional Jenga, with exotic colouring to give it that summer feeling. The 45 wooden blocks are made from quality pine wood and then hand dyed to give them their dazzling aesthetic. Standing at over two feet tall it will take careful precision to ensure you are not the unlucky one who brings the tower crashing down!

There is a reason wooden toys have stood the test of time; so simple, yet always so entertaining. Packaged in a convenient box, head to the park or beach and try to keep a steady hand as you engage in a battle of composure with this age-old classic.

Dimensions: H: 68.5cm, W: 18cm, D: 18cm 

Weight: 6kg

Materials: Pine Wood

Colour: Pink, orange, yellow, cyan and blue blocks

Contents: 45 mega wooden blocks