Chestnut Roasting Pan

Chestnut Roasting Pan


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This traditional Chestnut Roasting Pan is a great way to provide a delicious snack, as well as some family entertainment during the evening’s festivities. Hand forged using spun black iron in South Shropshire by a family-owned business with over three decades of metalwork experience, these pans are built to last many joyous nights around the fire.

The long, turned oak wood handle provides a comfortable grip, but most importantly it means you can roast chestnuts at a safe distance. With a spacious base and raised rim there is enough room to roast multiple chestnuts at once, ensuring no guest leaves with a rumbling stomach! Beautifully unique, this pan combines practicality and style.

Dimensions: H: 6cm, Diameter of pan: 25cm, Length: 103cm

Weight: 1.5kg 

Material: Spun Black Iron / Turned Oak Wood Handle 

Care: Re-season with flax oil (available instore and online)