Garden Hob With Grid, Bowl and Wooden Lid

Garden Hob with Grid, Bowl and Wooden Lid


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Hand forged by a family-owned business in South Shropshire, these Garden Hobs echo an industrial craft and rustic design that helps to elevate the outdoor cooking experience. Inspired by the Shropshire iron masters of the 18th century, this cooking set has been crafted from spun black iron which is great for evenly distributing heat, ensuring your food consistently cooks all over.

Fill the outdoor hob with charcoal to achieve a smoky heat that is perfect for slow cooking dishes, such as casseroles. This cooking method is great when hosting guests at garden parties, simply place your delicacies inside, leaving you plenty of time to relax and entertain. If this is not your style, remove the iron bowl to reveal the grid underneath and use it as an outdoor hob to cook up a hearty breakfast or impromptu barbecue. 

To maintain the beautiful finish, we recommend re-seasoning with flax oil to ensure a smooth patina. 


  • Iron Bowl: H: 10cm, Dia: 30.7cm 
  • Iron Lid: H: 7.5cm, Dia: 29cm 
  • Outdoor Hob: H: 15.5cm, Dia: 31cm 

Weight: 14.4kg 

Capacity: 4 Litres 

Material: Spun Black Iron / British Oak Hand Turned Knob 

Care: Never clean in a dishwasher, or place into very cold water when hot as it could cause cracking. After use, clean the bowl with a stiff plastic brush and hot water, then dry with a towel. Season with Flax Oil (available online and in store)

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