Iron Glamping Pan with Lid

Iron Glamping Pan with Lid


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These luxurious Glamping Pans have been forged from spun black iron in South Shropshire by a family-owned business with over three decades of metalwork experience. Spun iron is light and easy to manoeuvre, and is still as robust as traditional cast iron. Spun iron pans heat evenly, ensuring your food cooks consistently.

This means that you can still cook high quality meals, whilst out amongst nature. A ‘real’ cooking pan that focuses on the basics of alfresco cooking, perfect for making hearty meals to warm the soul when out and about.

Available in two different sizes: 

  • Small 
  • Large 

Garden Hob is not included.


  • Small: H: 5cm, Dia: 20cm, Handle: 24cm 
  • Large: H: 5cm, Dia: 26cm, Handle: 19cm 

Materials: Spun Black Iron

Weight: 1.26kg / 2kg 

Care: Never clean in a dishwasher, or place into very cold water when hot as it could cause cracking. After use, clean the bowl with a stiff plastic brush and hot water, then dry with a towel. Season with Flax Oil (available online and in store)