Long Handled Garden Frying Pan

Long Handled Garden Frying Pan


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This Long-Handled Garden Frying Pan has been hand forged from spun black iron in South Shropshire by a family-owned business with over three decades of metalwork experience. Spun iron is light and easy to manoeuvre, and is as robust as traditional cast iron. Spun iron pans heat evenly, ensuring your food cooks consistently all over.

The turned oak handle not only offers a comfortable grip, but it lets you cook over an open flame from a safe distance. This means you can freely cook outside on Kadais, fire bowls or firepits, providing not only rustic delicacies but entertainment as well. Practical and stylish, these frying pans provide a fun way for all the family to come together and cook up a delightful dinner.

Fire Bowl Not Included

Dimensions: H: 6cm, Diameter of Pan: 26cm, Length: 103cm 

Weight: 1.5kg 

Material: Spun Black Iron / Turned Oak Wood Handle 

Care: Never clean in a dishwasher, or place into very cold water when hot as it could cause cracking. After use, clean the pan with a stiff plastic brush and hot water, then dry with a towel. Season with Flax Oil (available online and in store)