Long Pizza Peel

Long Pizza Peel


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These Long Pizza Peels have been forged from spun black iron in South Shropshire by a family-owned business with over three decades of metalwork experience. Light and easy to manoeuvre, and still as robust as traditional cast iron. You get the best pizza when the surface it is baked on is hot, which is where the pizza peel comes in.

With a long, turned oak wood handle, this peel is perfect for sliding bread or pizza in and out of a hot pizza-oven quickly, allowing the oven to stay at the right temperature, and ensure you achieve that gorgeous rustic, smoky flavour. The thin iron blade effortlessly glides under your food, allowing you to easily remove it from the oven. An invaluable tool for an avid bread and pizza maker.

Dimensions: W: 30cm, D: 107cm 

Weight: 0.9kg 

Materials: Spun Black Iron / Turned Oak Handle 

Care: Re-season with Flax Oil (available in store and online)