Outdoor Fireplace Starter Set

Snow Peak Outdoor Fireplace Starter Set


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Transform your camping trips and summer garden gatherings with the portable and versatile Outdoor Fireplace Set. Made by a Japanese maker with a passion for luxury camping equipment, this fireplace set is made using highly skilled metal processing techniques originating from the Japanese city of Sanjo, an area renowned for its exceptional metal work.

With everything you need to generate an inviting outdoor atmosphere, the set includes a pack and carry fireplace which can fold flat for easy transportation within its canvas carry bag. Also featuring a sturdy baseplate to prevent any damage to the ground and a cast iron coal bed to slow cook meals when used with a grill, catering to all your fireplace needs.


  • Fireplace: Stainless Steel 
  • Base Plate: Stainless Steel 
  • Coal Bed: Cast Iron 
  • Canvas Bag: Canvas, Acrylic Tape, Nylon Mesh, and Plastic

Weight: Total Weight 7.68kg 


  • Fireplace: 35cm x 35cm x 24.8cm 
  • Base Plate: 36cm x 36cm x 0.7cm 
  • Coal Bed: 25cm x 25cm x 2cm 
  • Canvas Bag: 60cm x 6cm x 50cm 

Made in Japan