Clematis viticella Madame Julia Correvon

Clematis viticella Madame Julia Correvon


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Clematis viticella Madame Julia Correvon is noted for producing masses of single, wine-red, star-shaped flowers with yellow anthers from late summer well into autumn. As it is a compact climber, it is perfect for growing in a pot.

A very easy to grow deciduous clematis, and resistant to clematis wilt. Simply cut the stems down to a pair of buds, about 15/20cm above ground level in late winter. As with other clematis, keep the roots and the base of the plant cool, by shading with other plants or using pebbles.

Pot size: 3L (19cm, 7½ in)



Pot Size: 3L


Hardiness: Fully hardy to –20°C

Height and Spread: 300cm x 150cm 

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained, fertile

Position: Any

Aspect: Full sun / partial shade 

Flowering Period: July – November

Clematis Pruning Group: 3