Apple Laxton's Superb

Malus domestica (Apple) Laxton's Superb


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A British native eating apple that can be consumed straight from the tree, Malus domestica Laxton's Superb is a heavy-cropping, late-season, dessert variety dating from 1897. The tree produces pink-tinged white blossoms in spring. The fruit is greenish-yellow with rosy red flushing and striping in early autumn, firm and sweet to eat.

Laxton's Superb is partially self-fertile, in pollination group 4, vigorous but with a tendency to biennial bearing.

Available on M26, semi-dwarfing rootstock, which makes it suitable for smaller gardens and with appropriate care can even be grown in a large container. Other rootstocks and sizes available in store.

Pot Size: 12L

Hardiness: Hardy

Preferred Soil Type: Fertile, well drained or moist but well drained

Aspect: Full sun

Position: Any sheltered

Flowering Period: April – May (fruit ready in September)