Fig Brown Turkey (Ficus carica Brown Turkey) AGM

Fig Brown Turkey (Ficus carica Brown Turkey) AGM


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The well-known Ficus carica Brown Turkey (aka Brown Naples) is reliable and easy to grow and produces prolific crops of large, sweet, juicy figs. The fruits develop in spring, starting off green, but ripen to purple-brown, with deep red flesh, and are up to to 10cm long. Perfect to eat fresh or dried, figs are a delicious staple ingredient of Mediterranean cooking.

Ficus Brown Turkey is a large, deciduous shrub with bold and attractive, deeply lobed leaves; the flowers are insignificant. It is self fertile, so you only need one plant. The ripe fruits will be ready from August to September. A second crop often develops in late summer and, if protected, these fruits will ripen during the following summer.

Suitable for the UK climate, Fig Brown Turkey is fully hardy and can be grown successfully outdoors. Figs make a dramatic feature and are popular in urban gardens.

Figs are best grown fan-trained on wires, plant against a south-facing wall or fence in a sheltered location. Grow in a container or line the planting hole with paving slabs, crocks or rubble. Restricting the roots like this will promote fruit production. In a hot summer or when grown under protection, you might get a second crop in late summer, which will ripen during the following summer.

Prune annually to achieve desired height and spread. Prolonged frosts may kill all the top growth, but plants revive from below ground. The seeds are attractive to birds.

A recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence in the garden.

Pot size: 7L

Pot Size: 5L

Hardiness: Hardy

Height x Width: 4m x 4m, over 20 years

Preferred Soil Type: Well-drained or moist but well-drained sand, loam or chalk soil

Aspect: Full sun

Position: South or east facing, sheltered

Fruiting Period: August – September

Care: Remove older branches in March