Betula utilis Jaquemontii

Betula utilis Jacquemontii



Known for the attractive peeling bark, this ornate white birch from the Himalayas is a vigorous deciduous tree providing year-round interest in the garden. The young bark is coppery brown, peeling as it ages to reveal dazzling white stems. Its light green leaves can turn yellow in autumn. Also has 12cm long catkins in spring.

The Jacquemontii silver birch is best positioned where the beautiful detail of this tree's bark can be appreciated fully. Plant in threes or fives.

Choose from a range of sizes, and single/multistem variations.

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Common name: Himalayan White Birch, West Himalayan Birch, Kashmir Birch

Hardiness: Fully hardy, to –20°, with good wind resistance
Height and Spread: 1800cm x 8000cm, over 20–50 years
Preferred Soil Type: Any well-drained or moist but well-drained soil
Aspect: Any aspect
Position: Full sun / partial shade, sheltered or exposed
Care: Do not prune