Garrya elliptica James Roof

Garrya elliptica James Roof


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Garrya elliptica James Roof is a vigorous upright evergreen bushy shrub. It is the male form, with eye-catching silver-grey catkins that can grow up to 20cm long. Also known as the Silk Tassel Bush, this hardy garrya has large dark green leathery leaves with wavy edges that form dense foliage, and small greenish-grey catkin-like flowers in late winter/early spring.

Garrya iis a useful plant as it can tolerate poor soil and exposed positions. It can also be wall trained.

Recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence in the garden.


Pot Size: 2L
Common Name: Silk Tassel Bush
Hardiness: Hardy
Height and Spread: 400cm x 400cm
Foliage: Evergreen
Preferred Soil Type: Any moderately fertile, well-drained soil
Aspect: Sun / partial shade
Position: Shelter from very cold winds
Flowering Period: December – February
Care: Prune to shape after flowering if necessary.