Amphore Putti Pot in Turquoise
Amphore Putti Pot in Turquoise

Amphore Putti Pot in Turquoise



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Shaped like a classical Greek amphora (without the handles), and coated in a verdigris glaze, this Amphora with Putti would look at home in the courtyard of a French Baroque chateau. The heads of beautifully modelled putti (or cupids), emerge from the front, encircled with entwined olive branches. Planted up or left empty, the decorative effect is astonishing.

The textured interior of the pot reveals the traditional creative process called ‘a la corde’, referring to the way the shape of the pot is created by coiling rope into the form of a pot. The outside of this form is then coated with an even skin of clay; once dried, the rope is removed. The French makers have been quarrying local clay for garden containers since 1878.

Details & Care
  • Handmade in Languedoc, France from natural clay
  • Drainage hole
  • Frost resistant
  • Clean with a soft brush, soap and water, avoid harsh chemicals
  • Can be used as a planter, but we advise dropping in a pre-planted pot