Anniversary Panettone, 500g
Anniversary Panettone, 500g
Anniversary Panettone, 500g

Anniversary Panettone, 500g

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With all the flavour of a homemade cake, Galup’s 100th Anniversary Panettone is a celebration of the original recipe of candied oranges and lemons and choice sultanas, decorated by hand with Italian ‘Tonda Gentile Trilobata’ hazelnut frosting, with pearl sugar, and whole almonds. Each comes presented it a beautiful white box, adorned with gold lettering.

Founded in 1922, Galup began life as a small pastry shop in the town of Pinerolo, nestled in the northwestern region of Piemonte. From well-maintained mother yeast to IGP hazelnuts from Piemonte, Galup have only ever used only highest quality ingredients. The family run business continues to produce their popular confectionary in the town of Pinerolo to this day, following the same traditional recipes.

Details & Care
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Contains nuts
  • May contain traces of mustard and soy
  • Do not expose to sunlight or heat sources
  • Product of Italy