Art Deco Nine Mini Soap Gift Box
Art Deco Nine Mini Soap Gift Box
Claus Porto

Art Deco Nine Mini Soap Gift Box



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These decadent Art Deco soaps are a true celebration of the senses, with fragrances and ingredients from the lush Portuguese countryside wrapped in gorgeous, vintage style packaging. From fresh to warm, from floral to woody, this gift box offers you a quick view of a collection that bears the soul of Claus Porto and more than 130 years of crafting tradition.


Icons of luxury fragranced body care, Claus Porto soaps are a real treat for the skin, made of vegetable oils blended with shea butter producing a silky smooth and nourishing lather. Packed in a white box, with golden embossing, this is an ideal gift.

Details and Care
  • Weight: 9x 50g soaps
  • Made with 100% Vegetable Oils, enriched with shea butter, suitable for all skin types.