Crocus Barr's Purple (tommasinianus) Bulbs

Crocus Barr's Purple (tommasinianus) Bulbs


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A precious nectar source for bees and other pollinating insects, the very early spring flowering species Crocus tommasinianus Barr's Purple has fragrant, amethyst purple flowers with six petals, lighter inside, contrasting with orange-gold anthers. The flowers will open and close according to sunshine.


Crocus Barr's Purple is a Snow Crocus, ideal for naturalising in grass. Plant these perennial corms in large drifts in the lawn, or in a border or container to brighten the garden after winter.

  • Flowers: February - March
  • Hardy
  • Well drained soil
  • West, East or South aspects
  • Full sun
  • Planting Time and Depth: Autumn, 10cm deep in naturalistic drifts
  • Bulbs are toxic to pets or humans if ingested
  • Corms are vulnerable to mice and squirrels
  • If planted in lawns, do not mow for six weeks after they have flowered to allow the foliage to provide energy for the corms (for next year’s flowers)