Pea 'Early Onward' Seeds, 250g
Pea 'Early Onward' Seeds, 250g
Pea Seeds

Pea 'Early Onward' Seeds, 250g

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This annual pea variety, (Pisum sativum) Early Onward is a quick maturing dwarf pea, reaching a height of 60cm (1ft 11in). Climbing using fine tendrils, it will need only a little support, its white edible flowers followed by a heavy crop of firm pods. These are full of plump peas with an excellent flavour. Easy to grow, this is a popular variety living up to its name – ideal for starting the season, bringing the harvest forward by weeks. 
  • Plant: March - June
  • Harvest: June onwards
  • Well drained soil 
  • South or West aspect
  • Sunny location
  • Sheltered 
  • Plant seeds in well-watered and finely prepared soil where they will crop.  Plant at 60cm (1ft 11in) intervals, in rows approximately 5cm (2in) deep.
  • Water well until plants are established. 
  • Minimal support needed - use twigs if required.