Marcato Flower Ravioli Stamp
Marcato Flower Ravioli Stamp

Flower Ravioli Stamp



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Made from food grade die cast aluminium, this stamp will cleanly cut your ravioli into a charming rounded flower shape effortlessly, and can also be used for shaping biscuits or dumplings. The spring-operated ejection mechanism is designed to evenly press the filling and obtain a perfect hemisphere.


Made in Italy, the Flower Ravioli Stamp bears a solid Canadian walnut wood handle with a natural wax finish and laser engraving, whilst its ergonomic shape makes the handle stable and easy to use. The stamp has advantageously balanced its design of incorporating sleek features with durability.

Details & Care
  • The cutter can be easily cleaned with a cloth and a brush, without using water.
  • Not dishwasher safe.