Germination Gift Set
Germination Gift Set

Germination Gift Set



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A fun and unique experience, this Germination Gift Set is the perfect present for a budding horticulturalist. Wrapped in a charming gift box, the set consists of a clay plate and a cork adaptor ring to fit any size seed or cutting, a packet of seeds including hazelnuts, legumes or tree seeds, and a plant food made from seaweed, rich in nutrients.  

Soak your seed in a glass of water for 12 hours, then wrap it in a damp cloth and place in a dark spot until the root is long enough to be put on the clay plate provided, and positioned on a glass of water containing 2x drops of plant food.

  • Material: Basalt struck sandstone
  • Made in France
  • Weight: 400g
  • Included: Germination dish / Cork ring for smaller seeds & cuttings / Bottle of organic fertilizer specially formulated to help the growth of young shoots / Packet of seeds / Leaflet with detailed instructions for germinating your seeds at home.