Dorothee Lehnen Large Red Heart Hot Water Bottle

Large Red Heart Hot Water Bottle

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Hand made from soft, felted, merino wool in a charming heart shape, this hot water bottle is the perfect gift for someone in need of some cosy warmth! From warming the bed to soothing the small of your back, hold it close to feel its glow relax and restore the body. The wool cover provides long lasting, even warmth that can relieve tension in the muscles.


The Dorothee Lehnen Studio produces a range of handmade designs from the family atelier in Germany, and proudly follows sustainable practices. The wool used in these hot water bottle covers is certified organic, with the entire supply chain, from animal husbandry to processing, examined from a social and ecological point of view.

Details & Care
  • Caution - Do NOT use boiling water. Fill the bottle about ⅔ and allow the water vapour to escape before closing.
  • Made of GOTS-certified merino wool, with hanging tie
  • Produced in Germany.
  • Capacity of bottle approx. 0.7 l
  • Hot water bottle and cover can be machine washed at 30°C using the wool program. (Cover is not removable)