Laboratory Perfumes Lifestyle Perfume Set 2.0
Laboratory Perfumes Lifestyle Perfume Set 2.0

Lifestyle Perfume Set 2.0



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For those who love the Amber scent but sometimes like to mix things up, the Lifestyle set 2.0 encourages you to match mood and location with one of its signature scents. The 5ml Eau de Toilette set brings you double the olfactory delights of Amber (two sprays), with single sprays of Gorse, Samphire and Tonka, so is ideal for travelling or simply for days when you might like to try something different.  

Run by a small team in London, British scent specialist Laboratory Perfumes was founded in 2012. Its products are made using mostly essential and skin-kind fragrant oils, with a view to upholding its socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly practices.

Details & Care

Hold bottle 3-6 inches away and spray onto pulse points.

  • AMBER: Amber is a warm and complex scent with a rich and woody base, ambergris and grasses are mixed with spicy top notes.
  • GORSE: Gorse opens with a fresh hit of crisp citrus and smooth coconut, before maturing into a heady wrap of spiced cardamom. It’s the olfactory embodiment of sun-warmed skin and lazy summer evenings.
  • SAMPHIRE: A pinch of spicy juniper berries, citrus oil and an intoxicating trio of lavender, rosemary and basil, join verbena to layer over white amber and oak moss to culminate in a fragrance that evokes the fresh coastal air.
  • TONKA: The earthy and sweet vanilla of the tonka bean meets spicy pink peppercorns, zingy mandarin and woodland aromatics.