Pink Fir Apple Seed Potato
Potato 'Pink Fir Apple'
Main Crop Seed Potatoes

Potato 'Pink Fir Apple', 2kg



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An interesting maincrop potato variety with a distinctively long shape and pink skins, these wonderful potatoes have an understandably long history of popularity. As a late salad potato its nutty flavour remains delicious when cold but it is also good roasted.

Originating in Peru, potatoes helped to fuel the civilizations that developed in the Andes. The 16th-century conquistadors took them to Europe and Raleigh planted seed potatoes in his Cork estate and introduced them to Elizabeth I. This unusual variety has been popular in Britain since its introduction in the mid-1850s.

  • Main Crop seeds cropping from September-October
  • Produces high yield
  • Hardy natural resistance to powdery scab and skin spot
  • Good for storing
  • Leave seeds arranged in an open tray in the light to chit before planting
  • Plant with shoots upwards from early-mid-April onwards once the soil has warmed
  • Plant 7.5-13cm deep in a trench with a sprinkling of fertiliser or in bed dug over with well rotted manure or garden compost
  • Leave 40-50cm between rows
  • Full sun/partial shade
  • Avoid frost

As shoots appear from the seed potatoes, cover with a ridge of soil. Continue to cover shoots as they appear. By the end of the season a ridge will have grown to approximately 15cm.