Potato 'Arran Pilot'
Seed Potato 'Arran Pilot'
First Early Seed Potatoes

Potato 'Arran Pilot', 2kg



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The Arran Pilot is a national favourite, popular among gardeners for its high, early yield. Oval in shape, it has lovely flavour and a firm, white texture make it a superb new potato eaten straight from the garden with butter and parsley or gently boiled for a salad.

A staple food for many, potato tubers belong to the nightshade family and have a remarkable story. Originating in Peru, they helped to fuel the civilizations that developed in the Andes. The 16th-century conquistadors took them to Europe and Raleigh planted seed potatoes in his Cork estate and introduced them to Elizabeth I.

  • First Early seeds cropping from June-July
  • Produces smaller new potatoes
  • Excellent for salads and boiling
  • Leave seeds arranged in an open tray in the light to chit before planting
  • Plant with shoots upwards from March onwards once the soil has warmed
  • Plant 7.5-13cm deep in a trench with a sprinkling of fertiliser or in bed dug over with well rotted manure or garden compost
  • Leave 40-50cm between rows
  • Full sun
  • Avoid frost

As shoots appear from the seed potatoes, cover with a ridge of soil. Continue to cover shoots as they appear. By the end of the season a ridge will have grown to approximately 15cm