Purnima Rose Ceramic Candle, 1750g

Rose Ceramic Candle, 1750g



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Poured into a stunning, white coloured ceramic vessel, this three-wick Rose fragranced candle fills the home with the fresh, gentle scent of a summer garden in full bloom. Sweet rose and white musk enhance any setting, creating a timeless, romantic ambience. Presented in a beautiful, embossed box with soft satin ribbon, this candle makes a great gift or a treat for yourself. 

Handmade in Sussex, Purnima Fragrances takes its inspiration from soft silhouettes, intricate design and delightful textures, scenting the home with floral essences, precious woods and resins gathered from around the world. Each candle is presented in an earthenware vessel, handmade in Stoke in Trent with a handsculpted logo and delightfully tactile glaze.

Details & Care
  • Light all 3 wicks
  • Burn for 3-4 hrs on each burn
  • Trim the wick to 5mm between each burn
  • Keep away from children, pets and home furnishings

Rose opens with a blend of rose leaf and cashmere and gently unfolds to reveal woody undertones of white musk and patchouli