OFYR Rotisserie Motor
OFYR Rotisserie Motor

Rotisserie Motor

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For really authentic barbequed meat or poultry, a rotisserie set allows you to cook a large piece over the flames easily, by turning it on a spit. This battery operated motor is easy to attach to the rotisserie set stands and effortlessly turns the skewer automatically, resulting in evenly cooked meat allowing you to enjoy the party!


Rotisserie allows meat to slowly roast in its own fat and juices, resulting in succulent and tender meat. As any fat drips off the meat as it cooks, it is also a healthier way to cook.

Rotisserie Motor attached to Rotisserie

Details & Care
  • Can be used with the Rotisserie Set.
  • Works with 3 x AA batteries which are included.
  • Includes a stainless-steel mounting bracket. The bracket is attached to the back of the motor, after which it's easily mounted onto the stainless-steel posts.
  • Automatically rotates the skewer.