Royal Flush Sparkling Kombucha
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Royal Flush Fermented Sparkling Tea

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A wonderful alternative to sparkling wine, Royal Flush is a naturally fermented tea which is non-alcoholic, low in calories and low in sugar. Delicately acidic on the palate with flavours of rhubarb, peach, and a hint of spice, it makes the perfect partner to grilled white fish, charcuterie, or for that perfect Aperitivo moment.

Made from first flush Darjeeling leaves picked from a single tea garden in the Lesser Himalayas, near Darjeeling, India. Fermented for three to five weeks using a select handful of hard working micro-organisms to create a non-alcoholic sparkling tea with all the depth and complexity of flavour as a fine wine, just without the alcohol.

Detail & Care

This is a live product. On delivery, store in a cool place (ideally 20ºc or lower), refrigerate before drinking and make sure you consume before the use-by date.