Small Oak Balloon Dog
Small Oak Balloon Dog

Small Oak Balloon Dog

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This Small Balloon Dog is inspired by Jeff Koon’s iconic sculpture, one of the most familiar and valuable works of modern art. Drawing on the pure fun of the original Pop Art piece, this version made from European oak can, unlike the original, be held in the hand and is satisfyingly tactile. The dog adds a lovely hint of modernism to an interior.

In 2013, at Christie’s New York, Jeff Koons’s Balloon Dog (orange) sold for a record price of $58.4 million. Referring to himself as the ‘ideas man’, his iconic sculptures are often made for him by artisans and technicians. This dog has that in common!

Details & Care
  • Handmade in sustainably resourced FSC European oak
  • Designed to have its head swivelled, rest of body is fixed
  • Sustainably packed in a recyclable cardboard box
  • Remove dust with a soft cloth
  • Do not expose to direct heat or sunlight