Sun’s Reflection at Letcombe Brook
Geoff Lawson

Sun’s Reflection at Letcombe Brook



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An aerial view of a contemporary scene, this artwork features a whirling brook – closely resembling an eye framed by a warm, patterned composition of architectural lines and delicately applied layers of yellow and green. This immersive piece would be perfect for adding depth and striking tones to an interior.

Working predominantly in acrylics, Lawson’s work is chiefly influenced by the landscapes around his home, or places he visits. By exploring their shapes and colours, ever evolving due to the changing of the seasons, the artist creates visual records and turns these into impressive mixed media works.


Having worked as a sound editor at Richard Taylor Cartoon Films in London and Cosgrove Hall Productions in Manchester for animation programmes, including Wind in the Willows (1984), Lawson moved back to his hometown in the 1990s to embark on a career as an art teacher, before retiring in 2020 to pursue his own artistic direction.

  • Original Piece
  • Materials: Acrylic on Board
  • Framed: Yes
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