Burford 'The Salt Pig Box'

The Salt Pig Box

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This charming Salt Pig Box is a delight to behold. Placed atop a comfortable layer of shredded, recycled paper inside a marvellously decorated box is a salt pig and box of Blackthorn salt. Hand thrown and finished in a highly flattering tactile glaze, this present will go a long way for those who favour a beautifully curated table or kitchen display with precious, handmade accessories.  
What's included
  • Lulu Ivy Patterned Christmas Box
  • Burford Stoneware Mini Salt Pig
  • Blackthorn Salt 120g

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Details & Care

Burford Stoneware Mini Salt Pig

  • Dimensions: Mouth opening diameter: 4cm (2in) x H: 8cm (3in) x Dia: 8cm (3in)
  • Materials: Clay, fired at high temperatures to enhance the material’s variegation and in turn, generate a luscious glaze.
  • Due to the handmade nature of this product, designs and dimensions may slightly vary, making each one unique.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Salt pig only (spoon not included)

Blackthorn Salt 120g

  • Natural, unrefined sea salt flakes
  • Made in Scotland