Wisteria formosa Issai
Wisteria formosa Issai

Wisteria formosa Issai

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Wisteria formosa Issai is an outstanding, rampant climber with dense leaves that emerge as coppery-bronze in spring and turn yellow in autumn. This ornamental vine starts flowering at a younger age than other wisterias, bearing plump, drooping clusters of pea-like, mauve to violet blooms that have a slight fragrance. 


A new cross between a Japanese and Chinese wisteria, this is a large, extremely vigorous and fast-growing plant, ideal for rapid coverage of walls, pergolas, fences and trellises. It forms a massive plant and can become rampant if not controlled. Plant it in a sunny spot with a sturdy support and plenty of room for the roots to run.

  • Flowers: May - June
  • Hardy
  • All soil types
  • South or West aspect
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Sheltered

Prune rigorously twice a year, February and August, to enhance flowering. Ensure sturdy support is in place before planting. Rich soil encourages leaf growth rather than flowers, so do not overfeed. Check for runners that may invade eaves and could eventually cause structural damage. All parts of the shrub are poisonous if ingested.