Wye Valley Traditional Mead, 70cl
Wye Valley Meadery

Wye Valley Traditional Mead, 70cl


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A celebration of the year’s harvest in a bottle; from the meadows, hedgerows, and woodlands of the Wye Valley this award-winning traditional abbey-style mead is rich and full-bodied. Fruity, fragrant, and floral, hints of citrus orange and zesty lemon balance beautifully with the honeyed sweetness.

Founded in the Welsh Boarders in 2018 by brothers Kit and Matt, Wye Valley Meadery set out to produce something truly original, taking the world’s oldest ferment beverage, and giving it a modern twist. Brewed in their purpose built meadery in Caldicot, each mead is conditioned in the bottle for a delicate sparkle.


14.5% ABV
Made in Wales
Product of the UK