Handmade Art Dolls Eve

Handmade Art Dolls Eve


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These intriguing Art Dolls have been handcrafted by artisans using vintage, recycled and repurposed fabrics. Each is unique, and the fun doll designs are inspired by women and culture from around the globe.

Eve is a beautifully vibrant Art Doll, wearing a headdress adorned with creatures of the natural world, all hand sewn, beaded or embroidered. Butterflies, birds and flowers entwine with snakes and fish to make a fabulously quirky textile art.


Small: Approx H:39cm x W:20cm

Medium: Approx H:42cm x W:23cm

Large: Approx H:69cm x W:32cm

Please note: as the Art Dolls are handmade, sizes do vary