Le Cirque Light

Le Cirque Light


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This captivating lamp, straight from the artistic quarter of Avignon, is quintessentially French. Its purpose is not to provide a practical light, but rather it is a delicate work of art, showing a circus tent which is illuminated as if by a spotlight, but far gentler and more poetic than a Super Trouper.

The structure of the tent is handmade from fine wire, which has become distressed giving it a warm, antique patina. The wire has been painstakingly twisted and worked to form a decorative cage with curlicued top-knot and feet.

Within the caged tent are various silhouettes of the circus troupe cut from fine sheets of metal: a bareback rider pirouetting on a horse, a roaring lion, an acrobat swinging on a trapeze, to mention a few. They dance on a newsprint stage incorporating the telling headline ‘Le Jeune Poète’. Stretched around the filigree cage are panels of plain, cream material which form the sides of the ‘big top’. Turn the light on and shadows of the troupe are cast, as if by magic, against the tent. The effect is both intriguing and spellbinding.



Materials: Iron wire, thin iron metal lampshade, cream fabric, newsprint

Dimensions: H:60cm, Dia:34cm

Flex: Black fabric coated cable, British three-pin plug, supplied with standard small Edison screw bulb

Care: Dust with a paintbrush or fine feather duster. Place on even surface, do not hang from curlicue top knot. 

Please note the light is purely for decorative effect.

Due to the delicacy of this item, in store purchase only.