Singing Spring Bowl

Singing Spring Bowl


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Aesthetically, this magnificent, patinated bronze bowl is completely pleasing. Purely as a water-holding artefact, it reflects a fundamental human need. However, in the true sense, it has greater resonance – this huge bowl sings.

By gently rubbing wet palms over the two handles, the motion will set up a vibration within the bowl which will start as a deep, beautiful hum. Continue, the volume increases, and the water ruffles, creating interference patterns in the surface of the water which divides into four or eight distinct nodal points. Move the position of your hands and the water forms droplets that jump into the air.

Inspired by Ming period Chinese antiquities, this contemporary bowl, shaped like an upturned bell, was cast in a foundry and given two heavy handles. In relief at the bottom of the bowl lurks the motif of a leviathan – a creature from the deep – waiting out the tempest on the water's surface.

Originally placed at the entrance to temples as ritual washing basins, it is thought serendipitous that after much wear the polished handles were found to make the bowl sing. These Singing Spring Bowls remain auspicious.

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Material: Patinated bronze

Dimensions: Dia:60cm, H:18cms, 24cm including handles

Weight: 15kg

Care: Wipe with soft cloth, do not use proprietary cleaners