Kenny Ryder Refresh

Join Gabriel Kenny-Ryder in the Menswear department for our next Kenny Ryder Refresh.

Gabriel Kenny-Ryder with mens pre-loved clothing hanging
Meet the founder of vintage menswear brand, Kenny Ryder

A recent exclusive addition to our menswear offering, Kenny Ryder celebrates timeless style. Centring around the belief that pre-loved clothing holds greater value due to its history, each item is meticulously sourced for its craftsmanship, condition and design. Gabriel, the founder of Kenny Ryder, states that his ethos is to encourage investment in quality vintage clothing instead of fast fashion whilst reducing carbon, water and waste footprints by restoring and re-using existing beautiful pieces.

On the first Saturday of each month, Gabriel will be re-stocking his selection of vintage treasures in our menswear department, ready to discuss all things 'pre-loved'. Join us to meet and talk about each new collection and share the stories behind the pieces.

Gabriel Kenny-Ryder Smiling