Burford Art Gallery

Creativity is one of the greatest motivations behind Burford. Beautiful and beautifully designed artefacts are integral to the ethos behind the company.

Wire Sculpture of female form outside in Burford Gallery Sculpture Garden
Burford Art Gallery

The Gallery, now into its second decade, has been a revelation.

Inside the Gallery we have an intriguing and diverse collection of contemporary paintings, from abstract landscapes all the way to highly detailed still life; featured artists have used a variety of media: oil paint, watercolour, and mixed media, on canvas, board, and handmade paper. Also arranged amongst these many paintings are other captivating sculptures, more appropriate for interior settings. Throughout the store, we are able to show inspirational stone and metal sculptures for the garden. Finally, to change the pace, we also show a carefully curated collection of vintage paintings.

Current works from our artists

Sculpture of female bust at Burford Art Gallery
Art, and supporting artists, are deep interests of mine, which started when I studied Art History at university. Thereafter, it seemed a natural progression to open a gallery to showcase the talent of creators that I admire, including local artists, some emerging artists, and some of national repute.

Nigel Johnson, Founder of Burford Garden Co.

Sculpture in Burford Garden Company Gallery of two figures, surrounded by artwork
Sculpture in Burford Garden Company Gallery of two lurchers, surrounded by artwork

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