Most Wanted

Leaf Ball Zinc Water Feature with Round Base
Napoleon III Kilim Sofa Raspberry
Georgette Rope Basket Planters
Verdigris Garden Dining Sets
Bern 6 Seat Garden Dining Set
Large Ceramic Guinea Fowls
Original Indian Kadais with Tudor Stand
Veneto Extra-Large Zinc Water Feature
Blue Charpois
Leopard Stripes Sky Cushion
Italian Trequanda Terracotta Pots
Charly Teak Armchair
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The Summer Garden

Rodgersia aesculifolia Irish Bronze AGM
Lomandra longifolia White Sands
Lavandula stoechas Lusi Pink
Hydrangea paniculata Limelight
Astrantia Star of Billion
Clematis montana Elizabeth
Hydrangea paniculata Pinky-Winky
Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea Harlequin
Cotinus coggygria Grace
Kniphofia Red Hot Popsicle
Geum Scarlet Tempest
Digitalis x valinii Firebird
Papaver Patty's Plum
Clematis Rebecca
Allium Millennium
Lavandula angustifolia Imperial Gem
Agapanthus African Skies
Buddleia davidii Black Knight AGM
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British Contemporary Art

Sally Wyatt: Garden Shoots
Joe Inglis: Embrace
Harriet Whyatt: Promise
Martin Cash: Coy
Jane Vaux: Flowing Reeds
Pamela Harrison: Channels and Gullies
Plum Neasmith: Lisbon - Parade Colours Fade Away
Jane Shaw: All Ears
Mike Ibbotson: Street with Arch, Tuscany
James Connolly: Natural History
Plum Neasmith: Ballinglen – Pale Warmth
Plum Neasmith: Baer - The Green Beneath
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Burford Jottings

An update from Burford

We will share any further updates here, and through our Social Media channels.

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One night in Sicily

On a wonderful September evening, Burford held a magical supper with special guests, old friends and new.

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Putting the record straight

An important message from our founder and chairman, Nigel Johnson

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