Bumble Bee Wheely Bugs

Bumble Bee Wheely Bugs


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Hours of fun are guaranteed with this delightful bumble bee wheely bug. The colourful ride-on bee toy is on casters that give unlimited directional movement, so its little rider can move it backwards, forwards, and even round and round!

The handmade Wheely Bug is a robust child's toy, with a plywood base that has rounded contours for safety. The ladybird's body has a padded layer of sponge covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid, which can be wiped clean. The 'eyes' are on springs so they wobble entertainingly as your child moves the toy around. There is also a handle, made of aluminium so it won't rust, for your child to push the Wheely Bug while learning to walk, or for you to steer.

As well as looking adorable and making playtime fun, the Bumble Bee Wheely Bug boosts balance and motor skills and helps to promote self-confidence and spatial awareness.

Available in two sizes.

Available in two sizes:

Small:  Weight: 1.8kg L39cm x W23.5cm x H31cm - recommended for 1-3 years
Large: Weight 2.3kg L47.5cm x W28.5cm x H33cm - recommended for 3 years+

  • The wood base is made from plantation grown poplar plywood and has distinctive rounded contours
  • The handle is aluminium so it won’t rust
  • The "feelers" are made with stainless steel spring and have an internal limiter cord to resist pull out
  • The plastic multi-directional castors are rated at 30kg each giving a total safe working load of 120kg
  • The Wheelybug offers unlimited mobility and is for use on all level surfaces
  • Wheelybugs are handmade and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials