Burford Panettone Tradizionale

Burford Panettone Tradizionale


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Our very own Burford Panettone Tradizionale is soft, light and has that marvellously scented taste that evokes Italian baking. Filled with fresh candied orange peel, sultanas and hazelnuts, and flavoured with natural extracts of vanilla and mandarin orange essential oils, it is simply delicious.

The family run firm that makes our Panettone in Piedmont, Italy, has been doing so since 1922 and the result is a wonderfully festive treat. We have turned it into a proper present by wrapping it in specially designed paper, tied up in rustic, flax string.

Enjoy throughout Christmas while wrapping up gifts, with a morning coffee, afternoon tea or a glass of port or champagne.

Contains nuts and gluten.

Select Green or Red festive wrapping. 


Handmade panettone with fresh candied orange, sultanas and hazelnuts, flavoured with natural extract of vanilla berries, mandarin and orange essential oils

Size: 10cm x 16cm x 16cm

Weight: 500kg

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sultanas 14%, Butter, Sugar, Egg yolk of class A eggs 7%, Candied orange rind 7% (Orange rinds, Glucose/fructose syrup, Sucrose), Natural yeast (Wheat flour, Water), Candied lime peel 4% (Lime peel, Glucose/fructose syrup, Sucrose, Lemon juice concentrate), Emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Whole milk 2%, Invert sugar syrup, Glucose/fructose syrup, Cocoa butter, Salt, Barley malt extract, Honey, Natural extract of vanilla berries, mandarin/orange essential oils and natural flavours.

Storage: In a cool dry place, max. temp.18-20 ºC, do not expose to heat or sunlight.