Skitso Anar Table Lamp
Skitso Anar Table Lamp

Anar Table Lamp

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Saturated with charm and striking, bountiful colours, this characterful Anar Table Lamp depicts a chic, wooden figure holding onto a bright aquamarine, mesh parasol (turned inside out) whilst fashioning a flattering floral dress. Featuring a light fitting on the inside of the semi-transparent umbrella and a feast of tones complementing one another, such a piece would be a perfect statement to liven up an interior.  


For the past 30 years, Skitso has been crafting spectacular handmade articles, each of which is threaded with their values on creating original pieces of high quality, made from sustainable materials. Through such an ethos was the emergence of the ‘Lady Lamp’, a unique artwork inspired by a combination of the structure of ancient Cycladic sculpture and the graceful movement of the northwest wind Vardaris, as depicted in the fluid rhythms of the figure’s dress.

Burford Garden Company


Materials: Recycled wood, fabric

Burford Garden Company