Bulb Planter

Bulb Planter


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This ingenious Bulb Planter is from a family-owned Dutch garden tools company with over four generations of gardening know how. Expertly engineered its innovative design helps make the work load lighter - an essential tool for planting bulbs, in particular large quantities of them!

With its ergonomically shaped ash handle, it is incredibly comfy to use, making you wonder how you ever managed without it. To use, simply insert the planter into the ground, lift out the clod of earth, drop in the bulb, replace the clod of earth via the releasing mechanism, tamper the earth a bit, and then go on to make the next hole. Hand forged from quality stainless steel, this planter is built to last and perfect for the discerning gardener. 

Dimensions: L:89cm, Width of head: 6cm

Weight: 1.20kg

Materials: Stainless Steel, Ash Wood 

Branded with the Burford Garden Company logo