Japanese Topiary Clippers Sentei

Japanese Topiary Clippers Sentei


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Nothing beats the all-metal Sentei Topiary Clippers for clipping box and other topiary. These Japanese one-handed topiary shears are easy on the hand thanks to the slim, well-shaped handles and sprung scissor action, and easy on the eye thanks to the elegantly graceful, simple design.

These sharp Japanese clippers are for cutting leaves with accuracy – it’s important not to cut old, hard wood, only soft new or twiggy growth – and the long, widely set blades ensure this is done efficiently.

Easy to use locking catch for safety when not in use.

Dimensions: Total:L:27cm; blade L:cm, from rivet L:13cm, cutting edge

Weight: 235g

Spare spring and plastic blade sheath included.

Care: Dunk the clippers every so often into a weak solution of bleach or Jeyes fluid, to stop the leaf resin from clogging up the blades and prevent the spreading of nasty viruses.