Rosa Gentle Hermione (Ausrumba).

Rosa Gentle Hermione (shrub rose)


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Gentle Hermione (Ausrumba) is fantastic and reliable shrub rose from David Austin. The exquisitely beautiful blooms are heavy, shallow cups, stuffed with pure pink petals that pale towards the edges. A perfect Old Rose Hybrid with a classic scent, an exceptionally strong myrrh fragrance, reminiscent of sweet anise. Interestingly, myrrh's name comes from the Latin name for the herb Sweet Cicely, Myrrhis odorata.

The Gentle Hermione rose is a repeat flowerer. Particularly resistant to rain with attractive, it is a strong, very healthy shrub rose with good disease resistance and  will develop into an impressive shrub. The leaves start with a red tinge and mature to a rich, dark green.

This rose was named after the virtuous and beautiful Hermione who was married to Leontes, the King of Sicily, in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

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