Rosa Kew Gardens® (Ausfence). Image courtesty of David Austin EnglishRoses

Rosa Kew Gardens® (shrub rose)


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Rosa Kew Gardens® (Ausfence) is a bushy thornless shrub rose bearing prolific small, single creamy white flowers with gold stamens in large clusters that waft a faint fragrance, over mid-green foliage. Bred by David Austin for the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, and presented to the Queen to mark the occasion.

The Kew Gardens rose is a repeat flowerer and is simply smothered in flowers for an exceptionally long period, followed by small red rosehips. It is a bushy shrub rose and is super on its own, in a pot, at the back of a border or en masse in a bold drift; useful for near where children play, or along a path, as it isn't prickly!  With its upright, bushy shape it is a great choice for flowering hedging.

An English Musk Hybrid Rose, with good disease resistance, Kew Gardens is especially versatile as it is good in even poor soils.

A recipient of the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit), for all round excellence in the garden.


Pot Size: 6L