Rosa Nye Bevan®, image courtesy of David Austin English Roses

Rosa Nye Bevan® (shrub rose)


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Rosa Nye Bevan® (Auspital), is the new English shrub rose from David Austin. The repeat flowering rose produces unusually open, cup-shaped flowers, whose profuse, softly coloured petals lighten to cream as they mature, revealing a golden boss. The roses bring a lovely sense of light to a mixed border and the shrub's compact form makes it a perfect statement plant in a container (in full or partial sun) or as a hedge.

The rose is named after the remarkable politician from South Wales who was the driving force behind the foundation of the National Health Service in 1946. David Austin also bred the rose in recognition of the various organisations and charities associated with the NHS, appreciated more than ever in the year of release – 2021.

Pot Size: 6L

Height and Spread: 110cm x 75cm over 5 years

Preferred Soil Type: Any free-draining soil

Aspect: Any

Position: Open sunny position / Very light shade

Flowering Period: June – September