Rosa The Mayflower (English shrub rose)

Rosa The Mayflower (English shrub rose)


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The appropriately named Rosa Mayflower (Austilly) was bred by David Austin to mark the launch of their American catalogue in 2001. It is a famously robust and extremely healthy rose, the blooms of which are held high above dainty foliage, which forms a bush comprising strong, twiggy growth. The repeat flowering, mid-pink buds open into old rose style flowers with a beguilingly strong, old rose fragrance.

This remarkably enduring rose will thrive in partially shady areas in a mixed border and if planted with others forms a good hedge.

In case you missed it (celebrations marking the quadricentennary were limited due to Covid), in 1620 a hundred or so Puritans boarded The Mayflower in London and set sail to find a better life in ‘The Promised Land’. They disembarked at what is now called Plymouth Harbour on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Their impact was culturally profound; the celebrations held to mark their first harvest are now known as Thanksgiving.

Pot size: 6L

Height and Spread: 110cm x 90cm, over 5 years

Preferred Soil Type: Any free-draining soil

Aspect: East, south and west facing

Position: Full sun/semi-shade

Flowering Period: June – September

Care: Deadhead to encourage repeat flowering