The Story of Trees

The Story of Trees


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The Story of Trees and how they changed the way we live

By Kevin Hobbs & David West, illustrated by Thibaud Hérem

Trees play an enormous ecological role in our planet and it is fascinating to understand the extent that humans have interacted with trees for millennia. The Story of Trees details the longstanding relationships that humans have with trees, focussing on those with cultural and practical value. Presented in approximate chronological order as to humankind’s first interaction with each of them, taking us from the early modern human populations to the 19th century. 

The Story of Trees conveys the importance of trees while linking their traits to our human history throughout the ages. Each entry provides compelling facts that are rich in texture, as well as social and historical insight. For example that European Crusaders believed cinnamon pods came from fish, or that before Raleigh arrived with the potato, Sweet Chestnuts (a pre-Ice Age survivor) provided a source of carbohydrate in Europe. Each tree is accompanied by a beautiful drawing, correct, but interestingly, more whimsical than botanical. 

Hardback, cloth bound with illustrated endpapers

First edition, 2020

Extent: 216 pp

Illustrations: 350 colour and black and white illustrations

Dimensions: H:26.4cm, W:19.9cm, D:2.7cm

ISBN-10: 1786275228; ISBN-13 978 1786275226