Nicolas Woven Basket Planters

Wavy Woven Nicolas Basket Planters


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These natural hand-woven basket-style planters are a must for every home. Made from a mixture of croco and srimit rattan and banana leaf, the distinctive design of these baskets works with almost any style of décor and can be used for all manner of household and garden storage. 

Open topped with a clear waterproof liner.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small Square: H:48cm, W:48cm, D:48cm
  • Large Square: H:62cm, W:62cm, D:62cm

Please note that the plants in the photograph are not included.

Please note that these baskets are only for interior use. If exposed to the elements, these baskets will develop a more weathered look and a possible change in colour may occur in the natural rattan.

These baskets can be used as planters, but make sure that a plant is kept inside a pot if placed inside the basket. There is a waterproof liner inside the basket, but there is nowhere for any water to drain away from once the plant has been watered.